Electromobility development through the eyes of Polish entrepreneurs - second edition of the MHC MOBILITY report

We are pleased to present the second edition of the Great Test of Electric Vehicles report, conducted at the end of 2023. In it, we summarised the most up-to-date data on electromobility in Poland and the insights of Polish entrepreneurs on the use of 'electrics' and charging infrastructure.

The first edition of the report was very well received and showed how aware and open to change Polish business owners are. Despite the difficulties associated with the slow development of infrastructure, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are already willing to introduce electric cars to their fleet and reduce the carbon footprint of their organisations. This year's edition of the report confirms this trend - 100% of test participants plan to switch to e-mobility.

Customers appreciated not only the incredible dynamics of an electric drive and the comfort of driving, but also the possibility of financial support, such as the government's 'My Electrician' programme, which makes the purchase of an e-car much easier. Thus, the increase in popularity of this type of vehicle in Poland is not only the result of cultural changes and environmental awareness, but is also due to availability and financial benefits. An increasing number of people are also pointing out that driving "electrics" can be much more fun than driving combustion cars. They are fully ecological, quiet and economical.

The electric car segment is the fastest growing part of the automotive market in Poland. This is confirmed by the numbers: at the end of 2022, 64,705 electric cars and commercial vehicles were registered in our country. Year-on-year (2021 vs. 2022), this number increased by 26,439 vehicles, demonstrating the dynamic development of electromobility in Poland. 

There are currently 108 fully electric car models on the Polish market, including 83 passenger cars and 25 commercial vehicles. The number of BEVs available in showrooms increased by 38% in 2022. One of the factors contributing to the increasing popularity of this type of car is their increasing range. In the case of the middle class, this is already 496 km on average. 

These and much more market information can be found in the second edition of the MHC Mobility report, which you can read here: REPORT 2023. 

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