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Seasonal tire replacement

At MHC MOBILITY we attach great importance to vehicle safety and driver comfort, especially in difficult and rapidly changing conditions: on snow, ice, wet roads, and in various surprising situations.

When should I replace my tires?

Replacement of tires is especially important for road safety. Therefore, it is worth following the basic rules.      

  • Replacement of tires should be done regularly. 
  • Tires should be replaced to winter in October/November.
  • Summer tires should be put on in April/May.       

How are tires being replaced for MHC MOBILITY Clients?

Seasonal tire replacement is performed at services designated by MHC MOBILITY. Car users have access to an extensive service network located to make the entire process fast and efficient.

MHC MOBILITY Clients are notified when the exchange season begins and receive further instructions via SMS or e-mail. The necessary information is always available on time. The Client schedules the date of tire replacement directly with the workshop well in advance.

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