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Reporting a damage or theft

If you have been involved in a traffic incident (accident or collision) or your car has been damaged or stolen, below you will find information to help you quickly take care of the necessary formalities.

In the case of any traffic incident (accident or collision) when it is difficult to determine the perpetrator of the damage, please call the police.

However, if the perpetrator is identified, please fill in a "Joint Traffic Incident Statement" with the perpetrator's exact details, name and surname, contact phone number, e-mail address, vehicle registration number and make, insurance policy number and the name of the insurance company where the policy was taken out.

Any traffic incident, damage or theft must be immediately reported to MHC Mobility Assistance. 

  • MHC MOBILITY Passenger cars Assistance +48 22 223 60 50 (for passenger vehicles and delivery vehicles)
  • MHC MOBILITY Truck Assistance +48 22 278 70 00 (for commercial vehicles and trucks)

Report a damage online

Template of the event declaration - Download

Further proceedings depend on the condition of the vehicle and arrangements with the MHC MOBILITY Driver Service Department. Please follow the instructions of the MHC Mobility Hotline Consultants. 

You will also find detailed information in the User Guide.

To report damage to MHC Mobility, you can also use the contact form below:

Theft of a vehicle

If your vehicle was stolen, please report this immediately to the POLICE at the number: POLICE 997 or 112

Then, no later than within 24 hours, please notify MHC Mobility about the incident and follow the Consultant's instructions. 

  • MHC MOBILITY Passenger cars Assistance +48 22 223 60 50 (passenger vehicles and delivery vehicles)
  • MHC MOBILITY Truck Assistance +48 22 278 70 00 (special vehicles and trucks)

Read more in User Guide.


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