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Travel abroad

Any travel abroad must be reported by email at

This is necessary to obtain the appropriate authorization and verification of insurance coverage. MHC MOBILITY service covers travel to European Union countries and the Schengen zone.

In addition, we would like to inform you that most rental companies do not respect the electronic version of the driving licence. The driver's lack of possession of the document in the traditional form limits the number of subcontractors that can provide the service and prolongs the delivery process.

For foreign rentals, it is necessary for the driver to have a named credit card, which is required to guarantee the rental deposit. These are non-negotiable conditions imposed by RAC suppliers. Another form of cost guarantee, also in the form of a payment guarantee, is not honoured.

Before you travel from Poland to another country, remember to:

  • Obtain permission to leave from the Fleet Manager each time and keep up to date with warnings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Verify whether your insurance covers the countries you are going to, and whether you need a green card there. The costs of additional insurance shall be borne by the Client.
  • Check the technical condition of the vehicle and the mandatory equipment, and familiarize yourself with the traffic regulations in the countries visited.
  • Have a driver's licence in traditional form. 
  • Have a named credit card. 

All planned inspections and repairs should be done before leaving Poland.

In case of breakdown or vehicle damage abroad contact MHC MOBILITY Passenger cars Assistance (+48 22 223 60 55) or MHC MOBILITY Truck Assistance (+48 22 278 70 00)                     

Would you like to learn more? Check the User Guide.  


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