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The world has gone through a lot of changes in the last few months. The narrative is changing as what it means to be mobile and to manage mobility evolves from the business perspective. With the urgent need for efficient delivery systems and transportation safety, there is a growing demand for reliable, scalable, and flexible ways to optimize vehicle fleets. In industries that rely heavily on transportation, the cost of operating and maintaining a fleet of vehicles represents a significant portion of total operating costs. Consequently, fleet management in such industries is an vital, yet tough job and it is important for fleet managers to make the most of the resources and opportunities available to them. Additionally, an important aspect of both car and truck fleet management is being proactive and responsive. Accidents and unexpected vehicle breakdowns are extremely costly for fleets, so it is important to always stay ahead by taking preventative measures. What solutions and measures should be applied? How can they influence fleet optimization?

The first step is to select appropriate vehicles. Fleet maintenance optimization starts with selecting the right vehicles to meet the requirements of the company and the industry in which it operates. If the selected vehicles do not meet the most important requirements, the company will have to spend more money on maintenance and, consequently, there is also a high probability of missing deadlines related e.g. to deliveries. Vehicle reliability is therefore of key importance. From determining the most cost-effective vehicle replacement cycles to meeting the maintenance requirements, vehicle sale and disposal options, the choices made can determine the success or failure of fleet management programs.

The next step involves the ability to use telematics to automate fleet maintenance. This mainly helps in automating most of the mundane tasks. Doing everything by hand is not impossible, but is very difficult. The use of technology eliminates human error and makes fleet maintenance more efficient. A telematics system helps monitor the operation and performance of each vehicle in the fleet through both computer and mobile applications. These applications notify the user when there is a problem with the operation of a vehicle or if it is being misused in any way. This also ensures the safety of the vehicles in the fleet.

The fleet manager should also think about experienced drivers. This may seem like a problem at first, but considering hiring drivers who have a lot of experience greatly facilitates successful operation of a fleet. For example, if a particular vehicle requires special skills or training, the recruitment process becomes a critical part of meeting those needs. Hiring drivers with the right skills brings measurable benefits and drivers with the right operational knowledge help reduce the cost of unnecessary repairs and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through eco-driving. It is equally important to train drivers who do not meet any of the mandatory criteria in order to improve their performance and increase efficiency. Over time, these savings add up. 

When talking about effective fleet optimization, another extremely important item is cost control. Without an understanding of operating and lifecycle costs - from the initial purchase of an asset to its resale – it is impossible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business. In many ways, fleet management is very similar to financial management. By taking an effective approach to vehicle and equipment purchases, maintenance, fuel, drivers, and other related costs, it is easier to make informed and right decisions. 

MHC MOBILITY meets the needs of its clients. It offers a solution that aims to support businesses in their operations through fleet management. The fleet owner hands over a fleet of company vehicles to MHC to manage it in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. Administration in this area covers the entire spectrum of services that will make fleet management cease to be a hindrance to the company. The benefits of this solution are significant for the clients and allow them to focus on running their businesses. These include lower fleet maintenance costs, no need to create new jobs for fleet managers, availability of fuel cards, and the ability to take advantage of discounts granted to MHC in many authorized vehicle repair shops. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, clients can enjoy full mobility thanks to a package of services, such as inspections, insurance, claims adjustment, and tire change and storage. 

“Fleet optimization is a professional management of a set of vehicles that starts as soon as there is a demand for vehicles. This is more than advice on choosing the perfect vehicle, but it also includes mapping drivers' vehicle use habits, reviewing vehicle policies, and tailoring relevant services. During fleet optimization, we are constantly helping our clients with analyses and comparisons, pointing out cases where we see opportunities for more cost-effective solutions.” – comments Tomasz Górnicki, Head of Account Team MHC MOBILITY. 

A look at the entire fleet management process leads to the conclusion that it is a discipline that focuses on optimizing the entire fleet lifecycle, from financing and lease to maintenance, compliance, vehicle tracking, and driver management. This ultimately helps to lower the overall costs, reduces the risk of accidents and breakdowns, enables buying and selling vehicles at optimal times, and more. Therefore, it makes sense to choose for the position of a fleet manager position the right person who perfectly understands the purpose of these activities or to trust specialists like MHC MOBILITY.

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