We invited fleet managers and fleet industry specialists to the first edition of MHC MOBILITY DAY - an event promoting e-transformation in transport. Over 300 guests had the opportunity to test electric vehicles and learn more about the implementation of e-mobility in business.

MHC MOBILITY DAY inaugurated the event season in the automotive industry and attracted representatives of dozens of companies: from large international corporations to smaller family businesses.

The event took place at the DriveLand Safe Driving Academy in Słabomierz near Warsaw. Several "Journey to Mobility" points were organised on the test track, where more than 80 vehicles powered solely by electric energy were waiting. Cars, vans and trucks as well as electric scooters and bicycles were supplied by the event's Partners, a total of 12 manufacturers of automotive brands that are currently setting trends in electromobility. 

Their latest models in this segment were presented by: Kia, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Nissan, Peugeot, Mazda, DS, Citroën and Renault, which on that day presented the premiere electric Megane E-Tech model to the participants of the event. 

This meeting is primarily intended to spread knowledge about electromobility. It is a mistake to think that everything has already been said on the subject. We are only at the beginning of this journey. Hence the symbolic name of our event, referring to the film "Back to the Future". But we are travelling into the future, and we definitely want to accelerate the pace of this journey. As MHC Mobility, we have made a commitment to phase out the traditional fuel fleet by 2030 and move fully to alternative fuels. What we presented at the MOBILITY DAY event to our customers is fully consistent and in line with the company's vision. 

Eric van Vliet, CEO MHC Mobility CEE


On a professional test and training track, under the guidance of instructors, the guests had the opportunity to test the vehicles both in normal traffic and in adverse driving conditions. The route through a tug-of-war, water curtains or a skidding circle made it possible to test an electric car even in the most extreme conditions. The test track for scooters and small Eidola Cargo vans was a little less exciting, but the noiseless driving of these vehicles on a sunny day was just as much fun for their drivers. 

After the ride, guests testing the vehicles could share their impressions and opinions on MHC Mobility's proprietary mobile app on their smartphones.

On MOBILTY DAY we also presented electric commercial vehicles, represented by the Renault Master E-Tech and Mercedes e-Sprinter models. The electromobility of the future is not just about personal vehicles for field representatives, managers and executives, but also about vehicles that work every day for the success of the company. Electrification of the supply chain makes it possible to realistically reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturers and distributors, regardless of the size of the company. MHC Mobility's current projects to switch to electric delivery for major retail chains confirm the growing interest in a wide range of such services. 

The venue for the event was not chosen by chance. DriveLand - Academy of Safe Driving, owned by rally driver and Polish champion Tomasz Kuchar, is fully adapted to the use of electric cars thanks to its own charging network. What's more, the track also uses its own solar panels to power the entire infrastructure, providing a perfect example of how electrification can go hand in hand with motoring. 

The fact that more than 300 visitors came to MOBILITY DAY and the conversations with them confirm the conscious approach to the issue and the real interest in electromobility. What makes us especially happy is that it is not only the domain of large companies and corporations, but now - thanks to subsidies - also smaller, family-owned enterprises operating on the local market are interested in electrification of even small fleets of vehicles. MOBILITY DAY is an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast electrics available on the market, as well as to present novelties provided by the leaders of electromobility. It is during such events that everyone can have a look not only at the technical parameters, but also at the vehicles themselves and convince themselves live that they do not differ that much from the ones we have chosen before. 

Tomasz Piekarski - CEO MHC Mobility CEE


At the same time, in the main building of DriveLand, briefings of Partners took place, who presented technical details of cars made available for tests and answered questions of Guests.

A separate area was dedicated to the innovative Mobility Spot by MHC Mobility, the company's latest product. It is a solution dedicated to corporate mobility, where employees share a pool of company vehicles of various types. As part of the service, MHC Mobility offers, among other things, a fleet management and full service platform, as well as easy access to different types of mobility and an intuitive mobile application for users.

Mobility Spot is an alternative to company vehicles, offering greater flexibility, cost optimisation and promoting environmentally friendly transport solutions. During MHC MOBILITY DAY, we presented the full range of vehicles and services we offer to anyone interested in electrifying their fleet. Thanks to the use of two-wheel vehicles, we can naturally strive to introduce electromobility in a friendly and comfortable form into the lives of company employees, also after working hours. Scooters and electric bicycles are comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicles that save time and money spent on, among other things, daily commuting. As part of the Mobility Spot service, everyone can easily and flexibly control the number and type of vehicles used by employees as part of the company fleet, and vehicles can be used in any rotation. Such a solution gives additional freedom and avoids possible worries about unloading individual vehicles.

Sandra Szkwarek, Head of Marketing & Product Development CEE

MY EV: Game Changer 

MOBILITY DAY was also an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique offer of MHC Mobility CEE - an official partner of the government programme My Electrician. Thanks to the comprehensive offer, customers deciding to introduce electromobility in their company actually entrust this task fully to dedicated teams of MHC Mobility specialists, who prepare the necessary documentation, conduct and supervise the formalities and advise on specific vehicle choices. Thanks to such a comprehensive service, obtaining subsidies for the introduction of electric vehicles along with providing necessary infrastructure ceases to be a difficult process and is definitely faster.

It is worth noting that MHC Mobility is one of the first companies to sign an agreement with the Environmental Protection Bank and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management to finance the purchase of electric vehicles. Also, being certified by the government provides us with a guarantee of being able to benefit from European funds.  Thanks to this, the company receives regular subsidies which allow us to reduce the cost of electrification borne by our customers. As a result of introducing in Poland new rules for granting subsidies and regulating the amount of funds allocated for this purpose, we can safely say that Poland is at the forefront of European countries, which actively promote electromobility by supporting users in the purchase of electric cars. 

For many users, the factor holding back the transition to electromobility is no longer the purchase price of the vehicle itself, because, as the examples show, the price difference in relation to combustion engine cars is falling and works to the benefit of electrics. It is the availability of charging networks that still raises doubts, but few people know that we can also obtain subsidies for charging infrastructure. Last year, the budget from the government programme to subsidise fast chargers was distributed in less than 2 weeks. This perfectly shows how the interest in electromobility is growing and how this huge financial injection influences the increase in the number of electric cars in use. This is also confirmed by the numbers. In 2019 we had about 8,000 registered electric cars in Poland, this year there are already over 21,000.

Mikołaj Sosnowski- Partnership & Acquisition Manager

MOBILITY DAY in Słabomierz starts a series of meetings with MHC Mobility Partners and Customers, which will also continue in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Support in organising the event was provided by: 

Main partners: KIA Polska, Renault Polska 

Strategic Partners: Krotoski Group, HYUNDAI Polska

Partners: Ford Polska, Tesla Polska, MB Motors Dealer Mercedes-Benz, Bawaria Motors Dealer BMW, Nissan Europe, ODYSSEY SP Z O.O. Mazda Dealer, Peugeot, DS and Citroën Dealer - Stellantis Group, Volvo Car Poland.

The first edition of Mobility Day in Poland is behind us. Almost the whole company was involved in this huge undertaking, as well as our partners and suppliers who, like us at MHC Mobility, are enthusiastic about the electrifying future of mobility. The interest in the event exceeded our expectations, which only confirms that our eponymous "Journey to the Future of Mobility" is gaining momentum. When the dust has settled on the track in Słabomierz, we at MHC are beginning preparations for next year's event. Already today I can say that there will be even more attractions. We will certainly make more vehicles of all segments available for testing. Because we believe that direct experience is decisive in building the belief that e-transformation is not only a necessity but also a pleasure of change. 

Katarzyna Mikulska, Senior Brand Specialist CEE


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