A Message from Taiju Hisai, President & CEO Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc.

Taiju Hisai, the new president and CEO of Mitsubishi HC Capital, has prepared a message outlining his vision for the Mitsubishi HC Capital group. He emphasised that he is very excited to create this organisation together with 9,000 employees worldwide.

Thanks to their continuous efforts, the two-year post-merger integration process has been successful. In this financial year, we are launching the 'New Medium-Term Management Plan (M-Term Plan 2025)', which is the first step towards realising the ten-year vision. Director Hisai believes that this plan represents a viable start for the new integrated Mitsubishi HC Capital Group and that we are entering the next phase of growth.

His first task as the new president and CEO is to bring all employees on board to achieve the goals of the M-Term Plan 2025. While detailed goals and initiatives will be presented at a later date, CEO Hisai encourages everyone to think about what is most important to achieve the goal of the M-Term Plan 2025 and ultimately realise the ten-year vision. According to him, the key to success is to think 'transformational' and take action and challenge without fear of failure. He believes that there is no future for Mitsubishi HC Capital Group if we simply follow the same path. He cites the example of Kodak, which relied too much on its past successes and failed to adapt to changing market dynamics, leading to its demise. In contrast, another leading company in the industry, Fujifilm, recognised the trend of digitalisation, embraced technology and diversified its operations, which ensured its survival.

CEO Hisai encourages every employee to remember to think about transformation in their daily work and embrace challenges, even if they are small. He also encourages all managers to motivate their teams to embrace change. At the same time, he believes that in order for the company to achieve transformation and encourage employees to work towards it, it is important that the workplace is motivating and dynamic and that employees can easily express their opinions and ideas.

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