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We talk to Agata Luty, Adam Woszczyk, Lucyna Michta and Łukasz Kobielus, who are members of the Account Coordinators team at MHC Mobility, about the specifics of the work, challenges in contacts with clients and the key features and skills necessary to effectively perform this role.

  • What are the main duties and responsibilities of a person holding the position of Account Coordinator at MHC Mobility?

    Agata Luty: The main responsibility of the Account Cordinator is to be a link between the Client and other MHC Mobility departments. We are usually the first people that come to mind for both fleet operators and users. We cannot always solve a given problem personally, but we will always manage the case so that it reaches the conclusion expected by the client. This is why we are perceived as the showcase of MHC Mobility. If we were to break down our responsibilities into prime factors, they are: consulting, offering, coordinating vehicle releases and broadly understood customer service. But in my opinion, such a division reduces the role of Account. Almost every day we have to face non-standard challenges that cannot be replaced. Therefore, Account must be distinguished by the ability to think outside the box and be very calm.

  • What types of services does MHC Mobility offer to its customers? Can you give an example of an interesting project you recently completed?

    Adam Woszczyk: In my opinion, MHC Mobility offers the most extensive set of services among CFM companies in Poland. We can offer our clients short- and long-term rental along with a wide range of services - from standard ones, such as technical service, insurance, assistance, and replacement cars, to solutions dedicated to corporate mobility (Mobility Spot) or FleetConnect. It is worth emphasizing that we do not limit ourselves only to passenger cars, because we also rent, among others: delivery vans, refrigerated trucks, truck tractors and hooklifts. You could say that if something has wheels and an engine, it can most likely be rented from MHC Mobility. We also try to meet trends (and even anticipate them), which is why we operate in the micromobility and electromobility sectors. The fact that we do it at the highest possible level is proven by the fact that we are part of the "My electrician" program, thanks to which we can offer our clients subsidized electrician rental. Not every CFM can join it, because you first have to meet the strict requirements set by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and BOŚ. As for the project that I am particularly pleased with, I think it will be the assistance provided to one of the fleet operators, whose company is one of the largest importers of car cosmetics in Poland. Thanks to the cooperation with the Marketing Department, we organized a training especially for him, conducted by the Association of Car Fleet Managers, with which we cooperate.
  • What challenges do you often encounter when dealing with customers and how do you deal with them?

    Agata Luty: The biggest challenge is TIME. Our clients often require our response time to be immediate, and at the same time - obviously - for the quality of the Account's work to be at the highest level. Many of our responsibilities are much more comprehensive inside the organization than they may seem from the outside. We always try to help the client as efficiently and quickly as possible, in which we are supported by all MHC departments.

  • What features are key to working as an Account Coordinator in the mobility industry? Are there any skills you feel are essential to successfully perform this role?

    Lucyna Michta: I would point out some of the most important features and skills that are important to effectively perform this role. The ability to communicate is key. We often contact both clients and other departments in the company. We also need to be able to convey information clearly and effectively, express ourselves concisely and adapt our communications to different audiences. As a team Account Coordinator, we are responsible for building and maintaining very good relationships with clients. We establish positive and lasting bonds, develop trust and build loyalty. The ability to listen to the client, understand his needs and adapt your actions to his expectations is extremely important. As an Account Coordinator, we have many tasks and projects to manage at the same time. The ability to effectively plan, organize and prioritize work is as important as efficient communication. You need to be able to maintain timelines, track project progress and meet deadlines. Details are very important in our work. Accuracy and attentiveness are our must-haves, both when preparing documents, analyzing data and monitoring projects. Errors in these areas may have a negative impact on customer relations and operational results. It is important to have a solid understanding of the mobility industry and the products and services the company offers. The Account Coordinator must be aware of trends and innovations in this field and be able to effectively present and promote the company's offer to clients.

  • Tell us about the atmosphere in the Account Coordinators team. What is your approach to teamwork and how do you ensure good relationships between colleagues?

    Adam Woszczyk: I think the atmosphere in our team is one of the best elements of my job. This is primarily due to the fact that we are all teachers for ourselves and have unique knowledge that we willingly share with each other. I can give the examples of Lucyna, who has extensive experience in working with LCV vehicles, and Michał, who has extensive knowledge of the area of operation of our vehicle fleet management system. In addition to learning from each other, we try to cultivate the relationships between us. We do this both through contact in the office, during joint conversations and jokes, but also outside the office, when we meet on outings.

  • What are the biggest challenges, trends or changes you face in the automotive industry, and how do they impact the role of the Account Coordinator?

    Adam Woszczyk: One of the factors that is unique to Account's work is the fact that it deals with many aspects of renting - the financial aspect, the vehicle mechanics aspect, the legal aspect, etc. This means that we must have knowledge in each of these areas and track changes that take place in them. This requires a lot of self-perseverance and the willingness to constantly develop. An example of how much the surrounding reality influences our work is the Electromobility Act. It regulates, for example, privileges for users of electronic vehicles. It is regularly updated, and each change introduces new solutions or changes those that have already been introduced. Considering that electromobility is a very important aspect of our work, we must regularly refresh our knowledge regarding this legal act. This is just one aspect of our work. We also cannot forget about, for example, financing law or technical innovations.

  • How does the Account Coordinators department cooperate with other departments to provide comprehensive customer service?

    Adam Woszczyk: I can bet that at the end of each working day, Accounci are the people who have covered the most kilometers just walking around the office. This is because we have to consult with other departments every day. Our work is very interdisciplinary, but we must not forget that MHC Mobility employs many experts who specialize in a given field. We very often visit, for example, our Legal Department to push through favorable solutions for our client that do not normally appear in our Framework Agreement. We communicate constantly with the Operations Department to, for example, control the claims settlement process. We are also a frequent guest in the Financial Department when we need to clarify, for example, ambiguities in issued invoices.

  • What methods and tools do you use in your daily work to effectively manage contacts with customers?

    Łukasz Kobielus: The most important system for this type of tasks is definitely the CRM module in CarWise (fleet management system). It allows, among other things, enter dates of meetings with clients and notes from them. It also allows us to save the most important information about a given organization, e.g. fleet size or contact persons.

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