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In harmony with the rules - an interview with Krzysztof Gozdek

In the maze of regulations and legal compliance lies the foundation of business stability. Krzysztof Gozdek, serving as the Head of Legal and Compliance at MHC Mobility, explains why the Legal and Compliance department is not only a guardian of regulations but also a crucial player in ensuring the organization's success.

  • Krzysztof, before we delve into areas of your expertise related to Legal and Compliance, could you share a brief overview of your professional journey and how you came to your current role as Head of Legal and Compliance?

    My professional career began in the leasing industry, where I've been working almost from the start. I spent my early years in consulting and legal-tax advisory, also serving companies in the leasing sector. Then, for many years, I worked for an international financial group, and later for one of the leading vehicle manufacturers, handling legal and regulatory matters in leasing, both as a legal advisor and as Head of Legal and Compliance. In June 2023, I joined the MHC Mobility team.
  • What exactly does the Legal and Compliance department deal with in the context of the automotive industry?

    The Legal and Compliance department at MHC Mobility serves two main functions: it provides comprehensive legal support to the company and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including Mitsubishi Group standards. Legal support includes corporate matters, disputes and litigation, ensuring legal documentation standards, and providing ongoing legal support to all company departments. The Compliance department ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, including data protection regulations and anti-money laundering measures. It is also responsible for implementing and overseeing MHC Group's internal procedures and reporting to it.
  • The position of Head of Legal and Compliance at MHC Mobility is relatively new. What are the benefits and challenges associated with taking on this role in such a dynamic company?

    The appointment to the Head of Legal and Compliance position at MHC Mobility took place in June 2023. From my perspective, working in an internationally renowned capital group and collaborating with a young and dynamic team, both locally and internationally, are tremendous assets. With the support of MHC Mobility's management, we have the opportunity to adapt the Legal and Compliance Department's operations to MHC Group standards. Currently, the main challenge is implementing MHC Group's policies and adapting to the specific reporting requirements of the group.
  • How has your professional experience prepared you for the role of Head of Legal and Compliance at MHC Mobility CEE?

    My many years of experience in legal and regulatory services for leasing companies, including for an international financial group and a vehicle manufacturer, also included serving as Head of Legal and Compliance. This rich experience will be extremely valuable in my work for MHC Mobility CEE. In the CEE region, it is crucial to support the Legal and Compliance Department in implementing MHC Group policies, in which we, as a team, have significant practice and relevant experience.
  • Can you identify areas in MHC Mobility that you consider most critical in terms of legal and compliance, requiring special attention and management?

    At this stage, the key issue is implementing regulatory requirements and MHC Group policies within MHC Mobility. We pay particular attention to issues related to personal data protection, whistleblower protection, anti-money laundering, and sanction lists, as well as preventing conflicts of interest and corruption. The implementation of these policies and procedures also includes our CEE region. Additionally, we are working on streamlining and digitizing the standard legal documentation used by the company

  • What are your main goals and tasks in developing MHC Mobility, the Legal and Compliance Department structure, and planning the development and management of the legal team?

    The main goal and task of the Head of Legal and Compliance in the context of company development are to ensure legal support and documentation in line with adopted standards and the company's strategy. It is also essential to implement regulatory requirements and MHC Group procedures in the company, which will not only ensure compliance but also efficiency in operation and service provision to customers. In the Legal and Compliance team at MHC Mobility, besides me, there are Robert as the Legal Officer, responsible for legal support and corporate matters, and legal documentation, and Łukasz as the Compliance Officer, overseeing the company's compliance with legal regulations and MHC Group regulations. Our team also supports the CEE region. In team management, we focus on transparent communication, regular meetings to discuss current issues and plan further actions. We have developed an annual task schedule and a detailed action plan, taking into account the company's goals and strategy. Key legal and regulatory issues are also presented at board meetings and town halls.
  • As a company offering comprehensive fleet solutions, what challenges and changes do you anticipate in the legal area related to the expanding range of low- and zero-emission vehicles?

    Currently, we do not anticipate significant changes in the legal area related to the growing market of low- and zero-emission vehicles. However, we closely monitor legislation and support projects in this area, especially regarding subsidizing vehicles, infrastructure development, and further legal and tax facilitations for customers using such vehicles. Potential legal changes in this area may affect the attractiveness of our offer and the company's strategy.
  • What regulations and legal standards are crucial for MHC Mobility in the context of conducting business in the European market?

    MHC Mobility monitors regulations applicable in the European market in connection with conducting business in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, including regulations concerning personal data protection, anti-money laundering, and sanction lists, as well as the prevention of corruption. Currently, the key task will be to implement the EU Directive on so-called whistleblower protection in Poland and other CEE countries.
  • Is there something you particularly enjoy doing to relax, and do you have any private passions that are important to you?

    I love traveling and experiencing local cuisine and customs. Skiing is also my passion.

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