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I am inspired by Customers - interview with Sandra Szkwarek

We talk to Sandra Szkwarek, Head of Marketing & Product Development, about brand strategy, new products and the company's position in the CEE market.

  • Can you tell us about the main pillars of MHC Mobility's brand strategy and how the company aims to achieve its goals in the CEE mobility market?

    Our strategy at MHC Mobility is based on four main pillars. The first is education and support in the field of electromobility and broad mobility. The second is placing the customer at the center of our attention; our actions are always focused on meeting their expectations and addressing their challenges. The third pillar is advisory; we design our solutions based on a thorough analysis of market needs and individual customer requirements. The last, but not least, is the pursuit of innovation; we constantly seek modern solutions that will improve business processes and enhance the efficiency of our clients' fleets.

    We do not aim to manage the largest fleet in the CEE region, but we aspire to do it exceptionally well. Our clients can count on our reliability and competence, especially as we draw from the experience and credibility of our Japanese roots. Above all, we focus on the expectations and challenges of our clients, striving to deliver the most satisfying solutions to them.

  • Working in marketing and product development requires creativity and innovation. What aspects of working at MHC Mobility are most inspiring to you?

    I am inspired by our clients and their opinions and expectations. This forms the basis from which I create strategies and ideas for products. I try to gather knowledge about the competition, look for unique elements that only our company can boast about. I am also inspired by other markets, especially our sister company Novuna in the UK, which has successfully operated in the market for almost 40 years.

  • Product development is a key element of the company's success in the field of mobility. Which solutions are you particularly proud of, and what new products or services does the company plan to introduce to the market soon?

    Building comprehensive mobility solutions is a priority for us and a source of pride. We are particularly pleased with our Mobility Spot application, which enables the sharing of company vehicles within one fleet. This solution can be compared to car-sharing but is dedicated to specific companies, optimizing the use of vehicle fleets and adding value for employees. It is more than just an application; it is a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency, strengthens a culture of sharing, and gives users the freedom of choice.

    One of the most ambitious projects we are currently working on is a new application for drivers. It is a solution developed from scratch at MHC Mobility, aiming to automate and simplify the majority of operational processes related to our clients' vehicle usage. With this application, fleet management, monitoring of technical condition, and handling all reports will become much easier and more efficient. We plan to launch this application in December 2023, which is a significant and exciting step forward in making life easier for our clients and setting new standards in the mobility industry.

  • How do these innovations impact user experience?

    Introducing innovations undoubtedly makes the user experience much more comfortable, safe, and efficient. Innovations also impact long-term customer loyalty, as they appreciate MHC's efforts to enhance their mobility-related experiences.

  • Marketing in the CEE region can be challenging due to diverse cultures and consumer preferences. What marketing strategies does MHC Mobility employ to effectively reach different customer groups in this region?

    Based on the global strategy of Mitsubishi HC Capital, MHC MOBILITY in the CEE region focuses on four key pillars: customer satisfaction, diversity of mobility solutions, flexibility in adapting offerings, and care for sustainable development and the environment. Local strategies are adjusted to the specific needs and opportunities of different markets, such as variations in subsidies for electric vehicles in the region. This diverse and personalized adaptation makes the company competitive on various levels, both globally and locally.

  • Two years ago, the company underwent rebranding in the Polish market. What were the main goals and results of this process?

    The main goals of rebranding in the CEE market were: introducing a completely new brand, building awareness of the change among existing clients, increasing brand recognition in Poland, and reinforcing the Japanese roots of the company. Regarding the results, the brand is now very well recognized in the Polish market. Although challenges persist in other CEE markets, consistent strategy and effective communication processes are yielding intended effects. Rebranding in Poland serves as a successful model that we apply in other countries in the CEE region.
  • Currently, the company is undergoing rebranding in the Hungarian market. Can you tell us about this process?

    On July 1, 2023, we initiated the rebranding of Eurofleet to MHC MOBILITY in the Hungarian market. The process is expected to conclude by March 31, 2024. The duration is due to the strong position of the Eurofleet brand, present in Hungary for 15 years and repeatedly recognized as a Superbrand.

    We started the brand change project with the publication of a humorous video to inform about the upcoming changes in a lighthearted manner. We continue to carry out intensive informational and promotional campaigns. To allow our clients to bid farewell to the old brand, we organized a special event in May, which received a very positive response.

    But that's not all. As part of the rebranding, we will also undergo a thorough internal change, including the introduction of a new management system to enhance the quality and efficiency of our services. We expect these changes not only to strengthen our position in the Hungarian market but also to positively impact our operational capabilities and customer service.
  • How do you evaluate MHC Mobility's current position in the mobility market in Poland and overall in Europe? What steps is the company taking to maintain or improve its competitiveness?

    MHC Mobility has a strong position in the Polish market and is a leader in the mobility sector, mainly due to its unique and comprehensive service portfolio. We offer a wide range of vehicles, from electric bicycles to tractor-trailers. This gives us a unique market position and ensures mobility for our clients' businesses. Our experience and knowledge in managing diverse fleets are our main strengths. As for the European market, we actively work on expanding our operations and product portfolio. The exchange of experiences and practices between different countries also contributes to the intensive development of our global offerings. This allows us to provide solutions for international organizations and enhance our competitiveness in various markets.

    In summary, our strong position in Poland and our efforts on the European stage show that MHC Mobility is well-prepared to maintain and improve its competitiveness in the dynamically changing mobility sector.
  • Can you tell us about your personal career development path and how you reached your current role as Head of Marketing & Product Development CEE at MHC Mobility?

    My career is the result of my passion for marketing and product development. I started as a Public Relations Manager at Vobis SA, where I led campaigns and the company's image. Then I worked as a Performance Marketing Manager at Polska Press, gaining skills in analyzing online campaigns. At SGI S.A., I supervised marketing processes for development projects, developing strategic planning skills. In Fraikin Polska, as Marketing & New Business Manager CEE Region, I coordinated the international brand strategy and developed online communication.

    Currently, I am the Head of Marketing CEE at MHC Mobility Poland, responsible for a wide range of marketing activities. In May 2022, I also took on the role of Head of Marketing & Product Development CEE, focusing on the international brand. My skills in B2B marketing, sales, and business development were crucial in my career and enable me to effectively lead marketing and product development activities in the CEE region. These experiences and skills allowed me to take on my current position and manage it effectively.
  • High-level positions often require a balance between professional and personal life. How do you deal with this challenge, and what do you enjoy doing outside of work to relax?

    Yes, that's true. High-level positions present the challenge of balancing professional and personal life. Therefore, maintaining balance is crucial for me. Recently, I started riding an electric bike, which allows me to avoid traffic jams and enjoy the ride. After work, I have hobbies that help me relax and recharge. I love funk music from the '70s and '80s and collect vinyl records. This is a way to escape from everyday life and reset my thoughts. I am interested in science fiction, both in literature and movies. Reading and watching this genre is a way for me to escape from reality. Of course, I cannot forget about my British cat named Rapto, who has been with me for almost 11 years.

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