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A good company development strategy is a key element of success. We talked about the MHC Mobility strategy in the region of Central and Eastern Europe with the Head of HR CEE - Beata Ulijasz

  • You work in the automotive sector, which is largely male. How do you find yourself in this sector and where did your interest in the automotive industry come from?

    Of course, it is still a male-dominated industry, but women are becoming more and more represented in such industries as well. This is part of a wider generational and gender shift that is being seen in the global economy. As the person responsible for the People and Organisation area, I am very pleased to see that MHC Mobility has a policy in place that focuses on the harmonious cooperation of people regardless of their gender, age, religion or origin (diversity). I am flexible in my job, I also like change and challenges, I am interested in the operation and improvement of an organisation, so I think I can successfully find my way in a diverse group as well as in different sectors.

  • Working in HR, you have the opportunity to observe not only the career path of employees, but also the development of the company as a whole. What do you notice? What are the strengths of MHC Mobility?

    In my opinion, the most significant point is the solid and stable situation of our company in a global context. The financial strength of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance combined with our international experience allows us to offer the best possible solutions to our customers, and this has an obvious impact on the development of each division.

  • MHC Mobility is the fastest growing long-term car rental company with a professional fleet service in the CEE region. Are you planning to open new offices or branches in other CEE countries?

    Definitely, we are observing what is happening in Europe, what the needs of our regular and potential customers are, and therefore we are developing dynamically all the time. We are ambitious about the future and the possibility of entering new markets, as well as expanding our portfolio of services and product development. The global market is extremely absorptive and the dynamics and modern technologies of the future in business will be a key aspect of building a position there. I am confident that we will soon be able to boast the launch of further branches.

  • How many employees does the company have and what departments make it up and what is the structure of the company?

    We currently have 100 employees in Poland, but our CEE region totals close to 200. The main drivers of our company are strong sales departments made up of solid specialists in each CEE country. Each CEE market is slightly different, so the combination of different experiences and skills of our employees allows us to build a strong dialogue with our customers and tailor-made long-term or short-term rental solutions, and the desire to solve the problems our customers encounter on a daily basis as quickly as possible. Within MHC Mobility's structures, we also have a strong Operations Department, which, among other things, takes care of the logistics of vehicle releases and receipts, as well as solving any technical issues related to the fleet of both vans and cars, and a Finance Department, which is responsible for planning budgets, meeting financial commitments and investments within the portfolio of products and services supported. These aforementioned areas are of course the backbone of our organisation, but I cannot forget the departments that support the business, i.e. the IT team, which supports all CEE countries from Warsaw, the marketing and product development department, which makes strategic decisions on new solutions introduced possible. Within the company's structures, we also have a person taking care of the legal aspects of commercial cooperation. I must also mention my colleagues, who take care of all issues related to visitor service and office management in each CEE country, and modestly the HR team, which takes care of the improvement of communication and CEE employee issues.

  • What is the company's current focus and strategy for the CEE region?

    Our attention is currently focused on continuing FSL's strong position and building and taking a leading position in the CEE markets related to electromobility and micromobility, as well as fully-automated solutions, which will allow us to achieve our targeted fleet growth. We also see a need to strengthen and continuously develop our specialist teams, as global socio-economic developments have also necessitated a change in the way we dialogue with customers and suppliers, and a different perspective on potential and how to exploit market opportunities.

  • In which areas of the automotive industry, where MHC has a smaller share, do you see an opportunity for development?

    In my opinion, observing the big cities, the new generation and the strong environmental policy also directives within the European Union, easily accessible micromobility strongly linked to new technologies for management and the eco trend will develop more and more strongly. I think that our company will also try to stay at the forefront in this area by building bespoke solutions for our customers.

  • What has your work at MHC Mobility taught you? How do your employees feel about working at MHC Mobility? What feedback do you receive from them?

    Working with the MHC Mobility team has shown me that commitment on the part of employees at all levels is the strongest driver of company growth, the art of communication, the search for compromise, flexibility and relationship building leads to success. The intercultural nature of the CEE region is a strong source to help us find customised solutions. Of course, like many companies in the market, we are constantly learning and changing. There is still a lot of work ahead of us that is a path to excellence, but I think the most important thing is the willingness and strong motivation throughout the organisation and a harmonious team moving in one direction.

  • There is still some time left until the end of the year, so a lot can still happen, but what can you already consider to be this year's successes?

    I think the success of MHC Mobility 2022 is the strong commitment and our presence in creating awareness related to electromobility. In Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, over the past few months we have launched a series of events for our customers and cooperating companies - Mobility Day. We have also been present at a number of events related to this topic. It has also been amazing to see the tremendous commitment of our employees to make them unforgettable events. Looking to the future of our development as an employer, we make sure that our employees are provided with comfortable and modern work space, which is why the Slovak and Czech offices have recently been relocated to new office buildings. The Warsaw office has been enlarged, which I can also call a 2022 success in building our brand inwards.

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