MHC Mobility will deliver nearly 240 new cars to the brewing industry

MHC Mobility has signed a contract to finance and fully manage a fleet of vehicles dedicated to the beer company's sales representatives. As part of the contract, MHC Mobility will provide a fleet of up to 238 BMW and Volkswagen passenger cars.

Customer contact and the distribution of products to modern and traditional trade shops throughout Poland are extremely important elements in the beer industry. On top of this, the mobility of sales representatives is equally important. One of the large brewing concerns, which currently has a pool of around 700 passenger vehicles, trucks and vans, has decided to increase its fleet by a further 238 vehicles. MHC Mobility, which offers fully integrated, end-to-end long-term car rental and fleet management solutions and a full range of passenger vehicles, trucks, in both traditional and electric drives, was selected to carry out this contract.

"Completing the order was not one of the easiest things to do, mainly due to the turbulence in the automotive market and problems with vehicle availability. Thanks to good cooperation with both the customer and distributors of BMW and Volkswagen brands, we managed to carry out the purchase and delivery process smoothly, and already since 28 November the cars have been issued to the company's employees at the CARSED showroom in Warsaw," - says Tomasz Piekarski, commercial director of MHC Mobility. 

The key criteria that determined the choice of MHC Mobility were the terms and time of delivery of the vehicles, but also the quality of service and a wide range of services offered under the contract, thanks to which representatives in the field can count on reliable mobility. 

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