On 12-14 September, one of the most important automotive events in Poland took place - the New Mobility Congress aimed at promoting electromobility not only in our country, but in the entire CEE region.

It was attended by a whole cross-section of organisations and people who have an influence on the future of transport in Poland. The Congress was participated by representatives of state funds, local authorities and vehicle manufacturers. Representatives of the CFM industry were also very important participants, including a delegation from MHC Mobility. The Congress was once again held in Łódź, in the EC1 complex, which was built on the basis of the former Łódź Power Plant. The venue was once again chosen not only for symbolic and sentimental reasons, but also because it was well-equipped to host such major events as the New Mobility Congress. The organisers used not only the interior of the building complex, but also its courtyard. The event partners filled it with their latest vehicles. As a result, participants were able to see cars such as the Porsche Taycan, the Kia EV6, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or the Audi e-tron GT. 

      The New Mobility is not only about passenger cars, but also about all sorts of commercial vehicles, which were not to be missed. The sight of electric delivery vans, electric tractor units and hydrogen buses definitely pleased Karol Staniaszek, our Head of Sales Commercial Vehicles. Especially as MHC itself is taking more and more orders for alternatively powered LCVs with each passing day. The New Mobility Congress consisted of many different panels, lectures and discussion sessions. There were many thematic tracks, but the most important ones were about electromobility in Poland, electrification of the vehicle fleet and the challenges facing New Mobility worldwide. 

Tomasz Górnicki, Head of Account Team, was particularly involved in panels on fleet management in the age of electrification. His team of qualified custodians has long been preparing to handle a client portfolio that will mostly consist of alternatively-fuelled vehicles. Each additional bit of knowledge in this area will enable them to significantly improve their customer service. The congress was also a great place to make new contacts and learn about the latest solutions. Mikołaj Sosnowski, Team Manager Acquisition and Partnership, focused on gaining information about new charging opportunities for electrics and the market sectors that micromobility can help develop. He pointed out that MHC's end-to-end solutions in the latter area (e.g. Eidola Cargo, scooters and bicycles) were the subject of some very interesting conversations that could soon turn into collaborations. The event also hosted a number of closed meetings, of a specialist nature. Such an event was the Dutch Networking Session, to which our Head of Sales PC - Rafał Noga - was invited. During the session, the MHC representative was able to establish contact with a number of Dutch companies that are not only already well-established on the Polish market, but are also just looking to enter it. Such a meeting underlines the international character of MHC Mobility and testifies to the fact that the quality of the services provided is the same regardless of the company's branch - from the Netherlands, to Poland, all the way to Japan.

The New Mobility Congress once again proved to be an event where specialists from many fields could exchange their knowledge and experience. This is undoubtedly a huge success for the PSPA and all co-organisers and will enable the development of mobility in CEE.

/ Photo source: PSPA

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