MHC MOBILITY has signed the contract with Boekestijn Transport for a long-term rental and maintenance of 150 Mercedes Actros. The documents have been officially signed in Poznań on November 2.

Boekestijn Transport, a Dutch logistics company with international reach, once again increases its transport fleet this year. This time the company’s owners have decided on a long-term rental, and their contractor of choice is MHC MOBILITY — one of the largest companies specializing in financing and renting car fleets and fleet services in the world. “Constant growth is an essential element of our company’s DNA. We have been continuously focused on both the infrastructure and human resources of the company. A long-term car rental is an important tool serving our further growth. In MHC MOBILITY we have found a partner that is going to support us in this matter,” stresses the CEO of the company, Peter Boekestijn.

The contract has been signed on November 2 at the Boekestijn Transport’s office in Poznań. CEO MHC MOBILITY for Central and Eastern Europe, Eric Van Vliet, underlines: “We are the only company on the Central and Eastern European market that offers a full range of vehicles, from passenger cars to tractors and semi-trailers. We ensure attractive financing and comprehensive fleet management services of premium quality. For our Customers, we are much more than just a vehicle provider. We become their partner in everyday operations, allowing them to fully focus on their main business goals. Such approach has allowed us to offer Boekestijn Transport the most advantageous solutions that both save time and optimize costs.

The contract covers a complete rental service of 150 new semi-trailers from Mercedes-Benz, Actros model, for the period of 60 months. What’s important, the release of the vehicles will take place in both Poland and the Netherlands. MHC MOBILITY also ensures constant fleet availability, a key factor for Boekestijn Transport’s  business activity, including: 24/7 support, replacement vehicles, assistance and vehicle maintenance across the European Union. First 40 vehicles, covered with green colours of Boekestijn, recognizable throughout Europe, have already been handed over for use in the Netherlands. 

“Following our internal multi-brand strategy, this time we have decided on choosing Mercedes. Vehicles of that brand are known from their low fuel consumption and technological advancement. At Boekestijn Transport, we are strongly focused on digitalization of processes and automation development, and that is why proper preparation of vehicles has been particularly important for us,” says Sjef Boekestijn, COO of the company.

Delivery trucks and heavy-duty vehicles rental is a very lucrative alternative to one’s own fleet, but also a ready-to-use solution in case of unpredictable situations, such as sudden breakdown of one’s own car. Such services are popular among both small and large companies.

Karol Staniaszek, Head of Sales Commercial Vehicles MHC MOBILITY underlines additional advantages resulting from vehicle rental as well. “In addition to the mobility guarantee, our Customers also obtain professional advice from our sales team dedicated exclusively to delivery and heavy-duty vehicles. It is worth underlining that these vehicles, from their chassis to their bodywork, and all their components are configured according to the Customer’s needs, and the cost of their preparation is included within rental instalment. We make use of our specialist knowledge to help our Customers in making business decisions and choosing the best solution.”

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