MHC MOBILITY AND BIBUS MENOS together for another year!

In January, MHC MOBILITY delivered 15 new cars to BIBUS MENOS, the Polish innovation leader. The contract is an element of the development of the client's modern, mobile vehicle fleet and started the 9th year of cooperation between the two companies in the field of car fleet management.

BIBUS MENOS Sp. z o.o. is a Polish-Swiss company with a sales, production and service profile, based in Gdańsk. For over 20 years, it has been supporting the activities of Polish and foreign enterprises, providing them with solutions, e.g. in the field of mechatronics, automation, 3D printing. Electromobility is an important part of the sales offer. The company offers electric vehicle charging infrastructure, installation, service and cost management.

The vehicles delivered to BIBUS MENOS in January are an element of the expansion of the ecological car fleet of the company managed by MHC MOBILITY. One of the leaders in the fleet market, since 2012, has been a partner of the Gdańsk-based company in the field of long-term rental services and car fleet management.

- At BIBUS MENOS, we value, above all, safety, low CO2 emissions and reliability. That is why we focused on Toyota brand solutions - says Grzegorz Mezjako, Fleet Administrator BIBUS MENOS.

The delivery of MHC cars has been entrusted to TOYOTA WALDER GDYNIA, an authorized Toyota sales and service station with a 30-year reputation. - In the implementation of this contract, we took into account both the client's business expectations and the important aspect of sustainable development. By choosing a car supplier close to the company's Gdańsk headquarters, we ensured the proximity of an authorized service center, preferential contract terms and quality of service at the highest level - emphasizes Michał Kowalski, Business Manager at MHC MOBILITY, who manages the contract.

15 new cars in the BIBUS MENOS fleet are characterized by a modern hybrid drive, the highest level of comfort, elegance and environmental safety. As part of long-term rental, BIBUS MENOS receives full control over costs, comfort of use and mobility.

Further orders for hybrid and electric cars are also planned.

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