In 2022, Mercedes will offer electric vehicles in every car segment!

Mercedes is taking a big step towards electromobility! MB has announced the latest plans to expand the range of electric cars, according to which it intends to introduce architectures only for this type of drive from 2025!

In 2022, Mercedes will offer an electric car in EVERY segment in which it will be present!

MB is also working on extending the range of electricians. Their capabilities will soon be shown in a luxury car called Vision EQXX, which is to be the first electric car with a declared range of over 1000 km. In achieving this result, it is to be helped not only by a very capacious battery, but also by new solutions aimed at radically reducing energy consumption.
Congratulations on your informed decision!

Photo source: Mercedes Benz Poland website.


Electric cars are an increasingly common choice of users who make informed, environmentally friendly decisions. However, in addition to environmental benefits such as reducing the carbon footprint, electric vehicles also offer significant business benefits. Energy and cost efficiency, combined with the range of economic benefits of electric vehicles, help companies build a competitive advantage now and in the future. At the same time, they are the greatest ally of enterprises in their mission to implement the assumptions of the sustainable development strategy.

We have prepared for our clients:

  • comprehensive vehicle rental service with charging infrastructure,
  • a full range of electric vehicles, from passenger cars to delivery vehicles and trucks,
  • special offers and additional benefits,
  • professional service and advice throughout the entire rental contract period.

Let's take a step together towards electromobility.

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