Electrification of the Fleet Business - Business Breakfast

At the beginning of December, the fourth MHC Mobility Customer Business Breakfast 2022 was held. The theme of the meeting was solutions to support the electrification of the fleet business.

The December Business Breakfast was the fourth meeting in a planned series for 2022. The meetings are designed to provide MHC Mobility's clients with up-to-date knowledge on the issues that are most relevant in the rental and automotive market at the present time, as well as being an excellent opportunity to make new business contacts. 

The main theme of the fourth meeting concerned solutions to support the electrification of the fleet business. First, Michal Baranowski, Chief Executive Officer of Elocity, gave his talk on the solutions offered by Elocity, fleet cost support for charging electric cars, billing for charging vehicles at the employee's home, and Elocity fuel cards. He also talked about charging infrastructure, trends and future plans on the topic of EV charging development and the process of installing chargers in offices, in single-family homes and in flats in a block of flats. 

Right after the Elocity brand's lecture, the topic of fleet management in times of crisis was brought closer by Rafał Noga, Head of Sales MHC Mobility. He talked about the market situation and its impact on fleets, as well as the solutions offered by MHC Mobility that support companies in reducing their carbon footprint. 

The last speaker of the meeting was Tomasz Piekarski, Chief Commercial Officer CEE MHC Mobility. He introduced the business breakfast participants to our organisation's new product MOBILITY SPOT, a dedicated corporate mobility solution in which employees share a pool of company vehicles of various types. 

Customers present at the event had the opportunity not only to take part in a discussion on the meeting's main theme, but also to talk directly with representatives of MHC Mobility's sales department: Tomasz Piekarski, Rafał Noga, Paweł Jański, Mikołaj Sosnowski, Sandra Szkwarek and Katarzyna Mikulska. 

The meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel was also accompanied by a display of the KIA EV6 electric vehicle from MHC Mobility's fleet, which served as an example of how the car-sharing application, MOBILITY SPOT, works. Attendees were able to see for themselves how to easily use the app by booking and opening a vehicle from their phone. 

At the end of the Business Breakfast, each participant received a gift along with the latest issue of MHC's proprietary automotive magazine MOBILITY Magazine, as well as small gifts. 

Further meetings in a relaxed breakfast atmosphere are planned for 2023, and you are warmly invited to attend.


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