More and more companies are interested in the topic of mobility because traditional ways of commuting are becoming more limited and less attractive. Mobility Spot is an alternative to company vehicles, offering more flexibility, cost optimisation and promoting environmentally friendly transport solutions.


Poolsharing, or shared use, should not be new to us. In recent years, the possibility of using cars in a rental format for minutes or hours has been introduced by several companies. Now similar solutions can also be used for corporate customers. This is because companies are looking for modern mobility solutions for their employees.

The modern solution for corporate mobility!

Mobility Spot is a dedicated corporate mobility solution where employees share a pool of company vehicles of different types. As part of the service, MHC Mobility offers a state-of-the-art fleet management platform and full service, as well as easy access to different types of mobility and an intuitive mobile app for users.

Mobility Spot allows employees complete freedom to choose the vehicle they want to use and the route they plan to take for their duties. For example, an employee living in close proximity to a company's headquarters, which is accessed by a cycle path, will forgo the use of the car provided to them when commuting to and from work and will prefer to opt for an electric bicycle or scooter.


Six key factors driving the move to shared enterprise mobility:

  • Convenience of providing access to different modes of mobility
  • Supportive regulations and policies that prepare the ground for greater acceptance of these solutions
  • A push, from both a regulatory and industry perspective, towards sustainability and decarbonisation
  • The promise of efficiency improvements and savings associated with the shift from total cost of ownership (TCO) to a total cost of mobility (TCM) approach
  • Expectations for more flexible mobility solutions from both employees and corporates
  • Changes in the vendor ecosystem with a host of new players supporting this shift with innovative and relevant enterprise solutions

All vehicles in one application

The advantage of our solution is the possibility to use not only electric cars, conventional cars (pool and benefit) and vans, but also smaller vehicles such as electric scooters or bicycles or scooters.


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