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We are powering the future of mobility in the CEE region

MHC Mobility has started a true revolution in sustainable mobility across Europe. As the second largest financing company in the world, it today plays a key role in developing comprehensive fleet solutions that not only meet customers' current needs but also exceed their expectations. The strong CEE region is an important pillar in the structure of MHC Mobility Europe, contributing to further growth and innovation in the field of mobility.

As well as being the heart of Poland, Warsaw is also MHC Mobility's strategic operations centre for the CEE region. From this key hub, located in the capital, the activities of the local subsidiaries in Bratislava, Prague, Budapest and Györ are overseen. The professional team from the Warsaw headquarters plays an indispensable role in coordinating regional activities, ensuring operational uniformity and consistency.


MHC Mobility CEE focuses on building lasting partnerships that support the growth of clients' businesses and together shape a sustainable future. - Our offering includes comprehensive solutions that have both local and international reach. The company's team consists of professionals who are experts in their fields. Thanks to the sum of their wealth of experience, we are already committed to the challenges of the future of sustainable transport and the business development of our clients," emphasises the company's CEO Nick Salkeld, who concurrently serves as Chief Operating Officer of MHC Mobility Europe and is a member of the Board of Directors of the European structure.

MHC Mobility's main objective in the CEE region is to drive business growth and support sales activities in local markets. The philosophy of "One company, one team, one concept" captures the deep rooted unity and harmony in the company's efforts to achieve shared success. Each country in the region has its own Country Manager, whose close cooperation with the head office in Warsaw is crucial for the implementation of common goals and strategies in line with the Company's expectations. This integrated structure guarantees synergistic activities that translate into the provision of services of the highest quality. - Thanks to our international experience and the relationships we have built over the years with our partners, our offer is comprehensive and tailor-made. This is because it takes into account local conditions, global trends, as well as the individual preferences of our customers," explains MHC Mobility CEE Sales Director Tomasz Piekarski.


MHC Mobility CEE is a true leader in comprehensive fleet solutions. The company not only supplies a wide range of vehicles, from cars to tractors and trailers, low- and zero-emission vehicles, but also offers electric bicycles and scooters, in line with global sustainability trends. Today, in an era of globalisation and the unification of processes, markets and products, it is crucial to understand that each market has its own specific characteristics. This recognition is crucial for business operations. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of local realities, our approach is not only characterised by professionalism, but also a profound degree of personalisation, adapting to the individual needs of each client. 

Regardless of the market, when entering into a partnership with MHC Mobility, high quality service and adaptation to the needs of the client, and in particular the openness of the organisation, come as standard. - Our offer also includes preferential financing costs, which translates into an attractive offer for our clients. In addition, we provide the opportunity to choose from all vehicle models and makes, regardless of the size of the company. Clear processes and service standards, as well as transparent rental contracts, are the foundations of our relationship with our customers, guaranteeing clarity and certainty at every step. In the interest of customer satisfaction, we regularly conduct surveys to measure satisfaction levels and continuously improve our services," explains Mikolaj Sosnowski, Acquisition and Xselling CEE Team Manager.


MHC Mobility CEE is not only a provider of comprehensive fleet solutions, but also a proven partner of key players in the European market. Collaborations with companies such as GLS, Asahi, Budimex, DPD, EDEN, Asseco, Bakalland, Multisport, Dr.Max, Bosch, Saint Gobain, Kajima, Sopro, Provident and Dr Oetker allow us to create innovative solutions that drive the transformation towards sustainable mobility.  

Regardless of the country in which the rental contract is concluded, the scope of the service remains the same, which is a significant advantage for multinational companies seeking consistency in fleet management across different markets. Assigning a single local business coordinator for each international client not only guarantees a consistent quality of service, but also an individual approach tailored to the specific needs of the company in question. Regular fleet analyses, carried out four times a year, help to detect potential areas of improvement, thereby increasing cost optimisation and operational efficiency. The use of uniform systems, fleet management methodologies and standards across different countries is a definite advantage. As a result, companies can count on consistency of processes, ease of implementation of changes and a high standard of service regardless of location.

This strategic approach transforms cooperation into a long-term partnership based on trust, support and mutual understanding. MHC Mobility CEE not only provides solutions, but also creates a certain framework for business success, underpinned by shared values and a vision for the future.


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