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Business Breakfast MHC Mobility & SKFS

Last week, the next Business Breakfast took place at the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw. This time it was organised by MHC Mobility and SKFS ('Association of Fleet Managers'). The meeting brought together representatives of the automotive and fleet industry, as well as people interested in the development of mobility. In total, the event was attended by more than 30 people!

During the Business Breakfast, a cooperation agreement was officially signed between MHC Mobility and SKFS to collaborate on proposing new mobility solutions. 

-For our organisation, which is present in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, the cooperation with SKFS opens up new avenues of development and enables us to take even better care of the safety, mobility and satisfaction of our car users. We are happy to emphasise the importance of the established cooperation with a renowned organisation such as the SKFS, which not only demonstrates deep knowledge of the needs of fleet managers, but also confirms the credibility and professionalism of our organisation. - emphasises Tomasz Piekarski, CEE Sales Director of MHC Mobility. 

The partner of the event was the Krotoski Group, which prepared a display of the Audi Q8 e-tron, a modern and eco-friendly SUV. During the Business Breakfast, a representative of the Association of Fleet Managers gave a lecture, discussing the challenges faced by Fleet Managers in Poland and presenting the latest trends in mobility. This was followed by presentations from representatives of MHC Mobility and the Krotoski Group, who shared their experiences of automotive market developments and innovative solutions for the fleet industry.

At the end of the meeting, a knowledge quiz was held in which the guests participated. The grand prize was an Audi Q8 e-tron for the weekend, which could be won by one of the participants. In addition, each participant received gifts, including branded polo shirts with the SKFS and MHC Mobility logo.

The Business Breakfast is a regular event organised by MHC Mobility, which aims to integrate and exchange experiences between representatives of the automotive and fleet industry. The next meetings in a relaxed breakfast atmosphere are scheduled for June, September, November and December.

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