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Safe driving with MHC MOBILITY!

MHC MOBILITY Polska, a provider of high-quality mobility solutions that meet the challenges and needs of various businesses, is starting trainings on safer driving under the Safety Driving Experience program! The initiative was created with a view to improving road safety and reducing the number of accidents and collisions among the company's clients, as well as supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) in companies cooperating with it.

Safety Driving Experience is a comprehensive training for improving driving techniques, dedicated to MHC MOBILITY customers. This program is aimed at drivers of motor vehicles, based on advanced training methods, increasing competences in the field of safe driving in urban conditions, on roads with high speed and difficult weather conditions. SDE is implemented by leaders in the field of training in improving driving techniques, defensive driving and eco-driving in Poland! Instructors are able to share their enormous knowledge with the audience, using modern communication systems that allow them to participate in them without leaving the office or home.

The topics covered by the MHC MOBILITY training include:

    Training courses on improving driving techniques include the basics of safe driving, a set of exercises to build drivers' awareness of how to avoid dangerous situations on the road and simulations of extreme situations.
    Eco driving is a driving style that generates measurable savings in terms of car operating costs. The main benefit is the reduction of the amount of fuel consumed, and also less wear of components, i.e. elements of the braking system, vehicle suspension and tires. By applying the principles of eco-driving, the driver also increases the level of safety for himself and his passengers.
    Defensive driving is a driving style that allows the driver to travel safely, efficiently and economically. The main emphasis is on avoiding road hazards.

MHC MOBILITY offers its customers four comprehensive products: one-day or two-day training to improve driving techniques, training in defensive driving or eco-driving at the customer and on the customer's vehicles, as well as on-line training on safe driving.

The first on-line training in improving driving techniques was held last Tuesday (November 17, 2021) for one of the MHC MOBILITY business partners. It was attended by employees of an international industrial concern, who, under the supervision of an instructor from the Safety Driving Experinece, expanded their knowledge of driving techniques, eco-driving and defensive driving.

After the training, the participants received a questionnaire on its course. According to this survey, when asked "Would you like to take part in another training course carried out within ESS?" over 90% of participants responded and expressed a great willingness to participate in the second edition of the training. More than half of the participants chose the panel on driving technique as the most interesting part. Survey listeners often expressed the opinion that the training contained many practical examples, showing the behavior of the vehicle in various road situations, and that it was characterized by a professional approach of the driver, actively involving them in participation and answering the questions asked in detail.

- The on-line training that we introduce to our offer is a response to the requests of customers who are still working in a remote or hybrid mode. It is a formula that allows you to improve your skills without leaving your home. MHC customers can now choose from several prepared thematic modules or the scope of the training can be individually adapted to the needs of drivers in the company - says Tomasz Piekarski, CEE Commercial Director at MHC MOBILITY.

If you are interested in training, please contact the MHC MOBILITY Sales Team, which will prepare an individual offer in accordance with your needs in the field of improving your driving technique.

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