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Technical Inspector - preventive and comprehensive service from MHC MOBILITY!

MHC Mobility, a provider of mobility solutions that meet the challenges and needs of various businesses, introduces a new service available under a long-term contract - regular technical inspections carried out by the Mobile Technical Inspector!

MHC MOBILITY, for vans and trucks rented under FSL (Full Service Lease), dedicates the Zone Technical Inspector, whose task is to systematically take care of the technical condition of customers' vehicles to maintain the mobility of their businesses. The inspections take place quarterly, thanks to which the MHC is able to verify over 100 delivery vehicles and trucks within a month. It is a complementary service, as the company's priority is to take care of customers' businesses and ensure full technical efficiency of their vehicles.

The MHC Mobility Mobile Inspector has extensive knowledge and extensive experience in the field of the transport industry and car mechanics as well as technical service of a specialized fleet. As a result, the inspections carried out are a unique service on the market, which in many cases detects faults that may lead to a serious failure.

“The main goal of the Inspector's work is to maintain full technical efficiency of vehicles and to maintain constant contact with customers. We also want to keep them informed about changes and actions that are necessary to ensure the reliability of their cars. " - says Marcin Chała, MHC Mobility Technical Inspector

Minor repairs include, among others: repairing lighting, checking tire pressure or improving hydraulic systems. However, if the visual inspection shows a more invasive fault, the inspector directs the vehicle to the service center or reports the vehicle to Assistance. The duties of the Technical Inspector also include checking the legitimacy of repairs performed in mechanical services, thanks to which we can be sure that the services that cooperate with MHC MOBILITY provide reliable repairs and high quality services!

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