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MHC Mobility & SKFS Business Breakfast

On the last day of November, MHC Mobility & the Association of Fleet Managers organized another inspiring Business Breakfast. The meeting brought together members of the AFM Association, providing participants with the opportunity to engage in three fascinating lectures.

The first agenda item belonged to Mr. Marcin Kardas from the renowned company Eurotax. His presentation titled "RV Forecasts for Passenger, EV, and Utility Vehicles" captured the participants' attention with forecasts of residual values for various types of vehicles. Mr. Marcin presented a modern approach to market analysis, considering both electric and utility vehicles.

Next, Mr. Jacek Nowakowski from IVECO Poland took the floor, addressing the crucial topic of transport decarbonization. The presentation focused on innovative solutions introduced by IVECO to reduce emissions in transportation. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about sustainable practices in the field of fleet management.

The final but equally important presenters were Mr. Maciej Śmieciński and Mr. Jędrzej Chojnacki from TT-Thermo King. Their lecture, titled "Sustainable Solutions in Refrigeration," revolved around ecological solutions in the cooling sector, with a special emphasis on their application in transportation. This presentation provided valuable insights into trends related to sustainability in the refrigeration industry.

The November Business Breakfast offered an excellent opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the intimate atmosphere of a business breakfast meeting. Similar to previous editions, the Business Breakfast proved to be a great venue for establishing new connections within the industry.

This extraordinary Business Breakfast marked another milestone in MHC Mobility's efforts to integrate the industry community. Future meetings are already planned for the next year, so it is advisable to reserve time for the upcoming inspiring moments of business networking.

We sincerely thank everyone for their presence!


Business Breakfasts are unique events organized by MHC Mobility with the aim of building a community and supporting the development of the automotive and fleet industry. Unforgettable moments, valuable lectures, and networking opportunities await participants at each event. We thank everyone for participating in the November Business Breakfast and invite you to the next meetings!


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