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EVPOLY CITY CHALLENGE: An urban game about e-transformation

When the second edition of MHC Mobility - MOBILITY DAY took place on 18 May at the Służewiec Racecourse in Warsaw, the city came alive not so much with the sound of engines, but with a vision of an ecological future. EVPOLY CITY CHALLENGE - the city game, one of the most anticipated attractions of the day, provided an unforgettable experience and excitement for the participants, while promoting electromobility and reducing the carbon footprint.

Electromobility is a topic that is increasingly entering our reality, bringing with it the promise of a cleaner and more sustainable environment. EVEPOLY's main objective was to provide participants with practical knowledge on the economic and environmental aspects of electromobility, while giving them the opportunity to test and compare the different electric car models available on the market. However, this testing did not take place in the typical manner of such events. The organisers decided to introduce a creative urban game formula that engaged participants and added excitement to the experience.

"Last year's Mobility Day was a great success. We thought it was due to the fact that customers were thirsty for such an event after the pandemic, and ours was one of the first. There are more similar events this year. We were full of concerns as to whether we could maintain this turnout. But we did! We're going after the punch! The concept behind the event is simple: we always look for a current theme, but build on the previous event. Last year we tested how 'electrics' perform on the track, in isolated conditions. This year, we decided to head out into the city to test the cars in real-world use on short, urban stretches. These conditions offer more opportunities. Next year we will look for more challenges." - emphasises Tomasz Piekarski CCO MHC MOBILITY.

Fun for a good cause

The rules of the EVPOLY game were simple, but very engaging for all participants. Teams of 4 made up of MHC Mobility customers were formed and tasked with completing one of three routes on the south side of Warsaw, each approximately 13 kilometres long. A total of five tasks were located on the routes, which had to be overcome in order to score points in the game. Each team was randomly assigned a route, which added unpredictability and equal opportunities.

The game's scoring tasks were varied and required different skills. One was the task of charging an electric car for 5 minutes using a charger and an app from elocity, an event partner. Another was to put together a jigsaw puzzle in time and answer a factual question correctly. This task was not only a test of logical thinking, but also offered the chance to win a card called CHANCE, which allowed additional points to be scored. Participants also had to complete a set of tasks related to micromobility, such as slalom on an electric bike, driving a 'figure eight' on an electric scooter, packing cardboard boxes into a small Eidola and driving it through a designated route. Further challenges included driving on a busway in a designated area and taking a photo of the team and car in a giant LinkedIn frame and then publishing it on social media.

The rules of the game created a dynamic environment in which teams had to navigate the routes efficiently, overcoming tasks and scoring points. It was during challenges such as charging an electric car, navigating a busway or driving an electric scooter that participants had the chance to experience first-hand the benefits of this type of vehicle. Driving along designated routes allowed them to appreciate the performance, driving comfort and environmental friendliness so characteristic of 'electrics'. In addition, carrying out tasks related to the use of the city's network of chargers and the elocity app, enabled participants to learn about the latest technologies in this field.

EV cars in urban traffic - we are YES!

EVPOLY provided an excellent opportunity to integrate, compete and at the same time explore the possibilities of electric vehicles. Participants had the chance to learn more about this forward-looking technology, experience its benefits and understand how it can affect our everyday lives. By taking part in the game, everyone was able to see that while having fun and competing, different aspects of electric car use can be promoted and tested at the same time, contributing to a more sustainable transport future. The winner of EVPOLY was the team "Electrically Charged" consisting of: Paulina Kobierska, Jakub Kmet, Monika Nowicka, Piotr Wielgo. Huge applause and congratulations! 

For MHC Mobility's customers, participating in the EVPOLY CITY CHALLENGE was not only an opportunity to gain a better understanding of electric mobility, but also to discover different aspects of the electric car offering. "Although our company currently has no plans to electrify its fleet, we saw the potential and advantages of electric vehicles. Through this game, we were able to experience first-hand how well they perform in urban traffic and how they make a significant difference to travel comfort and safety. It was an inspiring adventure which aroused our curiosity and interest in new technologies in the field of mobility,' said Michał Skwarczyński and Marcin Tatarek from the company Integrated Technical Systems after the game. Mobility Day 2023 was not limited to EVPOLY. Participants could also enjoy other attractions, such as the brand zone and the knowledge zone, where they had the opportunity to talk to experts, read presentations and test any of the electric car models. In addition, small city vehicles, bicycles, scooters and scooters were available in the micromobility zone, which provided an even greater variety of experiences.  A special moment was also the presentation for the first time of the 'Together to Reduce Carbon Footprint' award, which MHC Mobility presents in recognition of the conscious efforts being made to reduce the environmental impact of transport. The statuette was awarded to Media Expert. The entire event was topped off with an energetic musical and culinary afterparty. 

"Green transformation is not only a trend, but above all a necessity. The automotive and transport industry has to change, and we as MHC Mobility are trying to pioneer this change. By organising EVPOLY, we aimed not only to showcase cutting-edge solutions related to electric vehicles, but also to mobilise companies and entrepreneurs to actively participate in this transformation. The logistics of the entire event were crucial. Taking care of the smooth running of the urban game, which attracted the attention of a wide audience, required precise planning and coordination. Our team rose to the challenge, ensuring that every aspect was carefully prepared. From the routes to the tasks, everything was planned so that participants could experience and appreciate the capabilities of electric vehicles. However, our main aim was to create a bigger impact. We wanted EVPOLY to become an impetus for companies and entrepreneurs to join the electric transformation. Therefore, during the events we focused on demonstrating the benefits of electric vehicles for business." - adds Sandra Szkwarek Head of Marketing & Product Development CEE.

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