Electric car rental pays off!

Electromobility is no more a sign of the future. It thrives now, also on Polish streets. The number of electric-powered vehicles is steadily increasing, and the previously existing obstacle that made buying or renting a zero-emission car out of reach for many companies is likely to disappear. The reason for this is the “Mój elektryk” (My Electric Car) programme launched by the Polish government.

At the end of September this year, Bank Ochrony Środowiska announced a call for CFM and leasing companies interested in partnering in the implementation of the “Mój elektryk” programme run by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. In the above-mentioned programme, BOŚ will provide companies with subsidies to cover the costs of operating or financial lease of brand new passenger and delivery vehicles. These subsidies aim at accelerating the growth of electromobility in Poland and at promoting alternative propulsion technologies for company fleets.

The “Mój elektryk” programme will benefit, among others, entrepreneurs who rent or lease a new electric vehicle. However, the applicants have to bear in mind that the rental must meet the terms of an operating lease. All eligible entrepreneurs can already apply for rental or leasing subsidies from the beginning of October 2021. 

Lease or rental subsidies under the “Mój elektryk” programme for businesses and organisations will be granted as follows:

  • a subsidy of PLN 18,750 for a car worth up to PLN 225 000 [net, VAT 50%, gross, depending on the form of settlement],
  • a subsidy of PLN 27,000 for a car worth up to PLN 225,000 with a declared annual mileage of at least 15,000 kilometres,
  • a subsidy of up to PLN 70,000 for N1 category vehicles (vans) with a declared annual mileage of at least 20,000 kilometres. 

Currently, around 32,000 electric cars drive on Polish roads. The increasing number of electric vehicles is due to currently offered perks such as freedom to drive on bus lanes, free motorway travel, no excise duty, free parking, reduction of carbon footprint. 

The interest in renting or buying electric cars is also due to the constantly developing infrastructure, i.e. the increasing number of charging stations. At the moment, there are nearly 4000 publicly accessible charge points in Poland. All this makes electric cars and plug-in hybrids so attractive that they have become real competitors to conventionally powered vehicles.

Profitable rental of an electric vehicle 

MHC MOBILITY Polska, a provider of high-quality mobility solutions that meet the challenges and needs of various businesses, has joined the ranks of CFM (Car Fleet Management) and leasing companies participating in the “Mój elektryk” programme.

Since the start of the government programme, MHC has been discussing with clients the possibility of benefiting from subsidies under the operating lease for business. Thanks to subsidies under the “Mój elektryk” programme, long-term rental of an electric vehicle from MHC MOBILITY is more advantageous compared to renting a petrol or Diesel vehicle. 

The targeted lower operating and charging costs will only generate additional savings. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the rental instalment includes all associated costs. In addition to financing its purchase, the instalment covers the depreciation of vehicle value over time, its insurance and servicing costs and a replacement car for the duration of any repairs. The driver only needs to remember to charge their vehicle. 

If you are interested in the long-term rental of electric vehicles, please contact the MHC MOBILITY Sales Team, which drafts special offers with the possibility of obtaining subsidies for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles in mind. By partnering with most leading vehicle manufacturers and offering preferential purchasing terms, MHC can finance any electric car on the market.

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