Eidola Cargo with an edge in the city!
Latest micromobility solution.

An electric utility vehicle with a wide range of applications. Approved and permitted to use on public roads. Enables driving in urban conditions with respect for the natural environment - without exhaust fumes, vibrations and noise. Virtually maintenance-free and inexpensive to operate.



1099 zł netto/miesiąc 1899 zł

Annual millage 15 000 km
and 60 months rental

Eidola Cargo is a modern and sensible solution on the way to decarbonizing the fleet of urban vehicles performing daily tasks in the supply chain.

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Little - the great hero of the last mile

Eidola Cargo, is an all-electric newcomer to the light commercial vehicle range offered by MHC Mobility. The vehicle is L7-approved and roadworthy and has a wide range of applications thanks to its two load space versions. As an electric vehicle, the Eidola Cargo not only offers extremely low running costs and significantly reduces environmental impact, but also provides a number of advantages.

According to the law, electric vehicles are free to drive on busways, which has a decisive impact on delivery times for fresh produce or orders within a certain time frame, for example. Electrics are also exempt from the obligation to pay in paid parking zones and have free access to the increasingly numerous emerging clean transport zones. In terms of economics, it is worth noting that Eidola Cargo as an electric vehicle is covered by a full deduction of VAT.

Eidola Cargo znakomicie nadaje się do wykorzystania:

  • in city logistics, especially as the end of the supply chain (couriers, suppliers)
  • by all kinds of patrolling services (municipal police, border guards, forest guards),
  • by airports, railroads, logistics terminals and ports,
  • in servicing sports and recreation centers (stadiums, amusement parks, zoological and botanical gardens, national and landscape parks),
  • in tourist services (agrotourism, park hotels, sanatoria),
  • in the activities of municipal services (municipal plants, city parks).

To learn more about Eidola Cargo, to prepare a dedicated offer and to make a presentation, we encourage you to contact a representative of MHC Mobility.


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